Monday, May 4, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

There is something very special about the father-daughter relationship. My sisters and I all had a very special bond with our dad, and I see it developing now too between my 8 month old daughter and her daddy. Daddy is the first hero in your life – the first one with big strong arms that tells you everything is going to be all right – and you really believe him. He may as well be wearing a cape.
Be sure to honor this special relationship on your wedding day with a special dance, special song, or special photographs. There is so much to plan and do in preparation for your wedding day, that it’s easy to forget a little detail like this. But as the years pass, this will be one of the special moments from your wedding day that you really treasure.

As the sad anniversary of my father’s passing comes up this week, I glance at the photos taken of he and I together at my wedding. I think of how proud and happy he must have been, and I am glad that I had him to walk me down the aisle. Even as a grown woman with my own family, I still wish that I could ask him for his advice, to listen to his humor in dealing with the world, and just to chat with him. Being on the other side now, as a parent, I truly appreciate even more everything that he did for me, and how wise he really was.

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