Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flower of the month – May – Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley has small bell-shaped flowers that grow on fragile stems, with thick green leaves. Its botanical name is "Convallaria majalis" , and is also known by the names, "May Bells" or "Our Lady’s Tears". It is a fragrant little flower that even grows quite well in shade, and I have several of these beautiful plants in my own garden. They are a wonderful choice for bouquets giving a little splash of solid color amongst thick greens. If you choose your bouquet for the meaning that each of the flowers has, this is also a wonderful choice for a wedding as its meaning is, “sweetness, you complete my life, return of happiness”.

Here are some quick sketches of lily of the valley. Can you picture it painted on your aisle runner?

I am picturing the runner itself in light green. The art will be large and done with darker green leaves and white flowers and placed at the center of the runner. It will be placed next to your names and date. It will have a dark green border painted along the entire edge on both sides, and small paintings of the same art (or just a little flower) throughout the length of the runner done in white. Can you picture it?


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