Monday, June 8, 2009

Flower of the Month - June - Rose

Everybody knows what a rose looks & smells like, so you don’t need me to tell you about its sweet perfume, multiple layers of petals, thorny stems, and blooms that range in size from 2”-5”. Its botanical name is “rosa”, and also goes by the names, Sweetheart Rose, Tea Rose, and Miniature Rose. There are several varieties of roses which are just another reason why they make the perfect choice for weddings. The rose in general, is a symbol of love, but there are also sub-meanings by color:
Red: love & respect
Pink: Grace
Dark Pink: Gratitude
Lt Pink: Admiration
White: Innocence
Yellow: Undying love
Orange: Desire
Blue: Extraordinary; mysterious

So chances are, you have selected roses to be used somewhere in your wedding. What type are they? Tea roses? Pink ones? Red ones? Wouldn't it be beautiful to have your same pink and white roses from your bouquet painted by hand onto your aisle runner? What an entrance! And wouldn't it be a beautiful touch to paint the design also on paper cones that hang from the chairs that flank the aisle? Breathtaking! Contact us to get started designing your perfect aisle!

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