Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flower of the Month - July - Water Lily

Wow is it July already? I can’t believe it – time really flies. And I bet all of you that are planning your wedding are really feeling it fly by too!
Well July’s flower of the month is the water lily… and NO – these are not just for frogs! I know that they are often overlooked in floral arrangements, but I think they have just gotten a bad rap! Have you really looked closely at them? They have lots of beautiful petals and come in quite a few colors. You can find them in blue, lavender, red, white, pink, purple so they match just about anything, and they are available year round. The blooms are usually 8 to 20” long, and they really look pretty popping out from a lot of greenery. The flower’s meaning is, flight of fancy, ardent attachment, agility.
And get this, extracts of this plant are sometimes used in herbal medicine. And juices of this flower can be used to create a blue ink… sounds like items you'll need for your wedding day emergency kit!
Perhaps you prefer more traditional flowers for your bouquets and wedding arrangements, but if you are having your wedding near a pool or a body of water, these really make quite a statement floating around.
Here are some photos:

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  1. Love that color! Beautiful lavender and pink combos!! Pretty :)



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