Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aisle Runner Accolades

I was in touch this week with a client who recently ordered an aisle runner from us. She was nice enough to send me a slide show of photos from the wedding. The bride was stunning, the dresses were beautiful, the venue was gorgeous, and the weather looked terrific. It was an outdoor ceremony on a stone patio and it was decorated with beautiful flowers and every detail was perfect. Right down to the hand painted aisle runner, of course. Now I am not giving myself a pat on the back. The client plays a huge part in the design of the runner. It's her ideas, her colors, her choice of flowers that when presented to me, give me the opportunity to design something that meets her vision. As I mentioned, the wedding was really beautiful, but that stone patio would have looked very plain without a runner on it! It designated the pathway, and it's the perfect backdrop for the bride! It even serves a practical purpose - especially for outdoor weddings - because it protects the bride's dress and shoes from dirt and stains! Don't forget this important detail on your wedding day - it really makes an impact on the whole look of your wedding. Photos are on their way - please stay posted.

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