Saturday, August 29, 2009

SNDS Top "Ten" List

Anyone who has ever seen the David Letterman Show knows that Dave has a "top ten" list.  I thought that I would enjoy selecting a particular wedding related item, researching it, and making my own "top ten" list. My plan was really to make it a "top five" instead of "top ten" because I thought that ten might be too many to find. 
So recently, I have really been struck by some pretty wedding cakes that I have seen and I thought that this would be the first item to research and use for my top five.   Before I knew it, I had downloaded pictures of more than 20 cakes.  There are so many amazing and talented people out there doing extraordinary work, and I really want to share these with as many people as I possibly can.   I narrowed the photos down by a few, but these cakes are just too beautiful not to share with you.  So here they are.

                                                 From Cakewalk Confections:

                                                       From Clara's Designer Cakes:

                                                        From Edible Greetings:
                                                       From Let Them Eat Cakes:
Also from Let Them Eat Cakes:

                                          From Nana Pearl's Wooden Spoon:

                                                       From Party Favors:

                                                    Another one from Party Favors:

                                                     From Sally Cakes:

                                                    From Sensational Cakes:

                                                    From Signature Productions:

                                                     From Sweet Life Patisserie:

                                                    From The Cake Shop of San Jose:

                                                From Goehrig's Bakery:

                                                      From Yummy Kake:

                                                        From Annie O's Custom Creations:

                                                    From Blue Moon Cake Design:
If I am not mistaken, the last three cakes feature hand painting.  Ah yes.   Cakes after my own heart.   Gorgeous.
There are so many beautiful cakes out there, and just too many to feature.   Can you pick just five?  If you are interested in looking at more, here's the link to Wedding Wire and you'll be amazed at the photos, but plan on putting in some time there. 

Anyway, be sure to check out our aisle runner lens on squidoo where we are going to post a You Tube video showing how to apply fondant to a cake so you can see what kind of work goes into creating these magnificent wedding cakes!
And if you are getting a beautiful cake like this for your wedding, why not get an aisle runner to match?  We can coordinate your aisle runner and accessories with your cake and make everything match!

(PS The SNDS Top Ten List is going to become a regular post category on this blog.... but please note that the number of actual items on the list may vary  :)

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