Monday, September 21, 2009

Custom Wedding Garters

For today's post, I'd like to feature the very talented, Victoria Joanne of HCC Garters.  Victoria has been designing and creating custom wedding garters since 2002.   Whether or not you decide to remove your garter at the wedding, these are a gerat way to add a personal touch, or just simply add your "something blue".    Check out some of her latest designs... from some ladies you may recognize!


In addition to garters, Victoria also does custom pillows, sachets, dress labels, bouquet sashes, flower girl baskets and other beautiful hand-sewn accessories.

Victoria is also the founder of Club Wedding Luv where brides can get some great stuff for FREE!  That's right!  Brides can connect with vendors having promos and giveaways and really clean up - no strings attached!  If you are not already a member, please get on over to Club Wedding Luv!

Please be sure to check out Victoria's other sites (blog, HCC shopHCC blog)  where she is always highlighting new talent, providing useful wedding info, or selling her famous wedding garters and accessories!
She is an artist to watch!


  1. Thank you so very much Stephanie! This was such a wonderful surprise to see today. What a great way to start off my day.

  2. excellent blog i like it
    for wedding planning



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