Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Weddings

As we begin September and I see football games starting to appear on televisions in my home, I get that familiar sad feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Fall is on its way.
I guess it goes back to when I was a kid and I feared the Jerry Lewis telethon, and the horror of the first day of school that immediately followed it.  No more lazy days.  Back to books and homework and stydying and reports and.... Yuck!   I shudder to think.
I have been out of school for a while, but still always feel sad when the summer comes to a close, as so many others do as well.  I have to remind myself though, that with the end of the Summer, also comes an end to the oppressive things about it like humidity so high that you can't breathe, swelling mosquito bites, and dripping sweat!
So, rather than feel sad, I am going to focus on finally getting rid of those awful things - which I won't miss at all.
So I am going to look toward the sweet smell of cinnamon and warm apples bubbling in the oven.  I can almost taste the cobbler now.  I will think of pumpkin picking, hayrides and the beauty of the palette of color outside my window.
Actually, Autumn is a lovely time of year to get married and originally the time that I wanted for my own wedding.  You can't beat fall foliage for gorgeous images in your wedding album!  The changing landscape offers rich hues of green, gold, burgundy, and persimmon.  What beautiful colors for wedding accessories!
Unfortunately for me though, an event at this time of year would have created a great conflict with what the NY Giants had in mind, and this idea was nixed immediately (Yes, I am a football widow).  I have prepared an inspiration board to get me into the "FALL" frame of mind.  I hope that it inspires you too.  Oh, and.....
Go Giants!
Photos courtesy of:  (wedding cake)  (bouquets) (print ribbon) (velvet ribbon)  (Badgley Mischka dress)

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  1. Hey Stephanie,

    How 'bout those PACKERS!? How you doin'?



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