Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hand Painted Cake

My little angel baby just celebrated her first birthday on Tuesday!  I can't believe that a whole year has gone by already.  Time really does fly.  We had a little family celebration this past weekend and it was really fun.  While planning my menu for the day, I thought of desserts and what I would have.  After all - dessert is the most important meal of the day (oh, is that not dessert? :) )  Anyway, I flashed back to the amazing wedding cakes that I featured on this blog on August 29, and I thought of how great it would be to have a cake like that for Chloe's birthday.  So, after finding a website with lots and lots of photos of amazing cakes made by regular people, I thought that I might just give it a try.  And if it went well, wouldn't it be fun to do a special cake every year on her birthday?  I read on and got some great tips for painting with food coloring, and after re-watching the video about fondant that I posted on my aisle runner lens, I was ready for the undertaking.
I decided that I would do the same theme that I painted on the walls in her room.  I spent many weeks last summer as a very large, swollen and sweaty pregnant woman painting these critters.  I was thrilled with them when they were done, and thought that these bunnies were worth repeating. 
I wish I had taken pictures of each step of the cake assembly, but I did not.  I had the presence of mind only to keep running over to my computer to tweet about every step in the process (, but I failed to take the photos.  In my defense though, twitter is addicting!
I would like to thank all who supported me on Twitter on Saturday when things got rough with my first batch of pudding.

Anyway - here are some photos to enjoy.  I will definitely make another hand painted cake for birthday number two!
                                                    These are some photos of her room:
That were the inspiration for the cake:


And I did a personal cupcake for Chloe... the "butterfly" that's on the wire and supposed to be flying above is a little lame, but it was getting really late on Saturday night and I really had to get to bed! 
So now that I feel pretty comfortable painting on fondant, I thought I might add hand painted fondant-covered cookies as wedding favors!   If you can paint on it, you can add it as a wedding accessory!


  1. Oh my goodness Stephanie! You are so talented. Your daughter is one lucky little girl.

    Her room is so fabulous! if you don't mind I would like to include some of this in the blog that I will do at HCC :) It won't be for a while but I'm just so amazed by your work.

    Have you ever thought of offering woodland creatures on any runners? You would be surprised at what people order if they see it available to them. ( Take for instance, I never would have thought it if I hadn't added them to my site - but my skull garters are one of my hottest items)

    Thanks so much for sharing your art with us... it's a wonderful contribution to this world :)

  2. Thanks so much Victoria! I really appreciate your comment. And please feel free to blog away - I don't mind one bit!

  3. How beautiful! Painting on cakes is one of those things that always makes my draw drop!

    I can imagine a whole bunch of beautifully painted cupcakes...

    Happy birthday to your little one!



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