Friday, September 25, 2009

SNDS Top Ten List - Bridal Shoes

Anybody who knows me knows that I love shoes.  Most women do.  So I really threw myself into researching my top ten favorite bridal shoes.  In fact, I enjoyed this so much, that I may do it for every season!
First, I will tell you that I LOVE high heels.  The higher the better!  So you are not going to see any flats - and by "flat", I mean anything under 3".    I also don't usually pick open toe shoes.  And that's not because I don't like them.  It's just that I always feel like you are not supposed to wear pantyhose with sandals.  But how can you not wear pantyhose for a formal occasion?  Bare legs are too casual.  Anybody have any thoughts on this??   Anyway - I try to circumvent this debate all together by not picking sandals for evening shoes.  But there are a few on this list that were too pretty not to include here.  So ladies... enjoy!  And remember to keep those pretty shoes clean (especially for an outdoor wedding) by using one of our hand painted aisle runners!

                                                        #10 - PORTIA  

                                              #9 Badgley Mischka - HARROW

#8  Giuseppe Zanotti - E7155


                                  #6  Benjamin Adams - LANA (could you just die?)

                                    #5   PEACHES                                                     

#4 Stuart Weitzman - DRAMAHALT

#3 Grace - TALIA

#2 Stuart Weitzman - SUPERBOW

#1 Grace - SCARLETT

All photos courtesy of:  Zappos, My Glass Slipper, Bellissima Bridal Shoes

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