Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Masquerade Ball Themed Wedding

Masks are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world these days. You see more and more of them appearing on runways and on celebs.  The "Masquerade Ball" is always a popular theme for weddings planned for this time of year too, so I thought a gallery of masks would be appropriate with Halloween right around the corner.  Aren't these amazing?
(Paris Hilton)

Salma Hayek

Remember that we can match the aisle runner to your wedding theme.  One of the major advantages that you get when you order a custom aisle runner from Starry Night Design Studio is that we can do sketches and original drawings based on the information that you give us.   If you were to tell us that you were doing a masquerade wedding theme, we might send you a design like this one to approve.

I can imagine the mask done in bold colors and trimmed with sequins and beads.  Or we can keep it simple and paint it just in a single color.  It's totally up to you!


We recently did a giveaway on Brenda's Wedding Blog, and we were thrilled with the way that it turned out.   So, we decided to start doing weekly giveaways on our own blog.   Each week we will host a giveaway of our fabulous wedding accessories (AND aisle runners)!  The items will feature our original artwork, so this is a great way to get something that's really unique for your wedding!  Our first giveaway starts FRIDAY and the rules will be posted with the item.  We have all sorts of great ideas planned, so please be sure to check back often and enter to win.  No strings attached!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flower of the Month - October - Cosmos

The official flower of the month for October is Cosmos.   Cosmos bippanatus, also known as Mexican Aster and Chocolate Cosmo are

available Summer through Fall and come in many beautiful colors and patterns.  You can find them in white, red, pink, brown, orange, yellow and purple, and in solids, stripes, or bi-colored.  They are pretty on their own, but make a lovely complement in bouquets with other flowers.   They come from the Latin word Kosmos, meaning beautiful.   The blooms are very fragrant, and chocolate cosmos even smell like chocolate.   Use them in your wedding bouquet, and we can also paint them onto your aisle runner, invitations, place cards, and other wedding accessories to make everything co-ordinate!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monogram Aisle Runners for $60!

Well we told you that we were working on some new ideas and materials to bring down the costs of our aisle runners, and tonight we are announcing the $60 hand painted aisle runner!  They are beautiful hand painted classic monogram designs that are anything but ordinary!  And you can make all sorts of changes to them to make them match your own personal style.  The aisle runners are gorgeous and the ideas are limitless.  We are proud to be able to bring this to you, and we ask that you stay tuned because this is only the first of several new ideas we are implementing to make our designs even more affordable. 
Please check them out at our main website, Starry Night Design Studio!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Launch Party

Will you be at the party of the year?
Unfortunately, I am not able to attend the launch party tomorrow, but can't wait to hear all the details from my fellow crew members.  It sounds like it's going to be a blast!
No matter what you do, if you are planning on getting married in 2010, be sure to enter this giveaway.  One very lucky couple is going to be VERY happy!
You can walk down the aisle on one of our amazing hand painted aisle runners!

 For more details and to meet other crew members, check out the site Southern California Dream Wedding Giveaway and be sure to enter!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jim & Pam's Wedding

So here is the video from Jim & Pam's wedding (from The Office) in case you missed it.  The best part is at 2:45 - I laughed out loud.   The only thing missing was the custom aisle runner!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Budget Aisle Runners - Coming Soon!

We have some very exciting things going on in the studio this week.  Many of you have told us that you love our runners, but when planning a wedding on a budget, there is not always room for every detail.  And regrettably,  one of the details you are eliminating is the aisle runner.  We hate to hear that!  But, this terrible economy is affecting us all, and so we understand your dilemma!

This inspired me to do some serious thinking, and we're working very hard on finding new materials that are going to cut our costs WAY down.  We in turn, can then pass these savings on to you.  The result?  You CAN have a fabulous GRAND ENTRANCE at your wedding with a very affordable aisle runner that has original artwork designed just for you. 

Please keep posted to our blog and our main site, Starry Night Design Studio.
Full details about what's in my bag of tricks are coming very soon!  I can't wait to share them with you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WINNER - Aisle Runner Giveaway!

We had an amazing giveaway this week of one of our hand painted aisle runners.  We entered our MONOGRAM aisle runner (one of our most popular designs), and the giveaway was hosted by Brenda at Brenda's Wedding Blog .   The winner was announced at 6:00 AM this morning, and we'd like to send our congratulations to Kristin who wrote:
   "I love the monogram aisle runner. Our wedding location is outside, so we will make our own aisle with the chairs and the runner would just be the icing on the cake. Our wedding is October 16, 2010."

Thanks so much for entering Kristin!  We can't wait to get started on this special aisle runner for your wedding.

We'd also like to thank everyone who entered the contest, and for the wonderful comments that they left.   If you like our aisle runners, but don't think that they fall within your budget, we ask you to contact us anyway.  We are really interested in getting our wedding aisle runners "out there", and so we will do our best to work with you to get you this special wedding detail at a price you can live with.  

We are also working on new runner materials that have a lower price, so we are sure that we can find a solution that works for you.
Please contact us to explore your options.  You can reach us on our website, or by email at stephanie@starrynightdesignstudio.com.  We think that every bride should make a grand entrance on her wedding day!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Promotion - 20% off all aisle runners

Be sure to take advantage of our promotion on wedding aisle runners through the end of October.

And have you checked out Brenda's Wedding Blog yet???  Hurry over there and enter to win one of our hand painted aisle runners!


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