Saturday, January 16, 2010

Personalized Cake Toppers

The HandCrafted Community offers so many options for a couple to really personalize and customize their wedding to make it so special.  You already know about my wedding aisle runners, and what an impact they can have on the ceremony.  But there are countless other ideas out there, and Etsy is a really great place to see what kind of talent you can find for your wedding!  And, if you are not crafty yourself, you might not even realize the kinds of things that people can do!  
I know that personalized wedding cake toppers are quite popular, and I came across a couple of artisans on Etsy that have really amazing ones.  I have a soft spot in my heart for items sculpted in clay, as I had a miniature dollhouse when I was younger, and I was always crafting something for it out of clay (food on plates, roses in the garden, etc.)  I know the painstaking detail with each tiny piece of rolled clay that goes into this stuff, so if this is an item that you would be interested in, please be sure to stop by their Etsy shops and take a look around.  The topper is sculpted into a likeness of the bride and groom, taking the dress and tuxedo into account, as well as the flowers, and any other detail that you would like included. 
                                                             From Lynn's Little Creations  

                                                              From Ali Clay Creations:

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