Monday, January 25, 2010

Table Number Luminary

This is absolutely one of THE coolest things that I have seen.  I was hanging out on Etsy again looking for some great ideas to show you when I saw these magical table numbers!  Wish I was throwing a nice party so that I could order these myself!
The warm glow of the light behind the vellum is just beautiful, and will be a conversation starter for your guests, I am sure.

See more at Simply FKJ 's shop on Etsy.
If you are doing a peacock theme, and would like to see how that might be used on a hand painted aisle runner, please contact me for details.   We can design something in your style and colors that would be the perfect complement for your decor when you make your Grand Entrance at your ceremony!


  1. I ordered these table numbers for one of my own parties, I have to tell you the pictures does them no justice! So very unique...

  2. Those are gorgeous! I wish I could of gotten them for my wedding!



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