Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coindre Hall

Coindre Hall is an early 1900s mansion on the Gold Coast of Long Island on Huntington Harbor.   The estate went through several changes in ownership over the years, but now is owned by the Suffolk County Department of Parks and Recreation.

Coindre Hall holds a special place in my heart.  When I was looking for the perfect place for my wedding reception in 1998, I found Coindre Hall neatly tucked away behind long winding roads alongside the water.  My mouth fell open as I arrived at the mansion and went in for my scheduled tour.  It was exactly what I wanted.  They would give you the whole mansion for the day.  There was a sitting room with big wing chairs and game tables and a fireplace of course.  There were windows and courtyards, and the spiral staircase with the mural painted on the walls.  That was just the main floor!  
At the time, the mansion had seen much neglect, and needed a lot of work.  The town said that they were doing ongoing repairs, but could not guarantee what would be done by the time of my wedding.  I loved that it was old.  I loved that it needed work.  I thought it was all part of its charm.  In the end though, I found a different place to have the wedding that was a little more mainstream.  I loved my wedding reception, the venue and wouldn't have changed a thing.   But I always wonder about Coindre Hall.
 It was great to do a little research on Coindre Hall for this post.  It looks like it has seen a lot of repair over the years.  When I was there, it had the same "bones" but it was a bit dilapidated.  It looks great now!  I hope that someone invites me to their wedding there!

 PS in the last photo, they REALLY should have had a hand painted aisle runner!

Photos courtesy of Lessings

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