Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Carmen's Aisle Runner

Carmen and I started working on the design for her wedding aisle runner last summer.  She had this beautiful concept and sent me photos of it to have it transformed onto an aisle runner for her wedding ceremony.  I sent her a few drawings, and we finalized the design a few months ago.   I worked on painting it for a couple of weeks and here are the photos before it left my studio.  I have to apologize because the photos were taken before the fabric had been pressed, but I was running out of daylight!    Also, the design was painted on approximately 10 feet in length, so I didn't have the necessary space in my studio for the proper photos.  I am really relying on Carmen to send me photos of this gorgeous aisle runner in all its glory on her wedding day!

Placed at approximately the center of the runner are two gold intertwined wedding bands and the couple's names.  Below that is a painting of hearts - most of them grey, but the two hearts that found each other are in red.  Below the artwork is a poem and their wedding date.  The sides of the runner have borders in silver glitter.
Any concept or design that you are using for your wedding can also be used on your aisle runner!  Contact us today and we'll get started preparing the aisle for your grand entrance!

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