Friday, November 18, 2011

Peacock Feather Aisle Runner

We took one of our very popular peacock feather aisle runner designs and modified it to be perfect for Mariz.
We did the graphic background feathers in shimmering purple with shimmering gold accents.  Then did the hand drawn peacock feathers in a different shade of purple to have them stand out a bit from the background.  Then we added narrow painted borders in gold down the whole length of the runner.  The fabric is our 54" wide heavy weight fabric in white and covers up the flooring at the ceremony location. 

We did the graphic portion of the design in metallic soft gold and metallic violet.  Then we painted the hand drawn peacock feathers in shades of matt purple to really stand out against the softer metallics.   The fabric is heavy weight material in deluxe 54 inch width and is perfect to cover up a patterned carpet or floor at the venue as you can't see through it at all.  We painted 1" wide borders in soft gold down the entire length on both sides to finish it off.

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