Monday, November 25, 2013

Beware of Imposters!

We have learned this week that there is a seller out there (on ebay) that is using our photographs in auctions (not even cropping our company logo off the photo) and thereby misrepresenting themselves as a member of  our company!  
From what I understand, the aisle runners that they are shipping are of very poor quality with low end material (like a plastic tablecloth) that    "looks like a child painted it and is full of paint splatters.  This cannot be used for a wedding."    The seller has received negative feedback on every aisle runner that they shipped. 

If you find one of our custom aisle runners photographed online and the price on the item seems too good to be true.... it probably is!  We provide quality fabrics that won't tear.  The runners are meticulously hand painted and they are worthy of your special day.     Not all aisle runners out there are the same!    Please ask questions before buying;  request swatches and read feedback and reviews!  Don't waste your time and money by buying from a person like this - buy from a reputable company like ours.  This is our business!

Please note that we currently sell our items directly on our website (Starry Night Design Studio)  our blog (Aisle Paint For You) or in our shop on Etsy.    If you find a photo of ours on ebay or any other site where the seller name is NOT our company name, THIS RUNNER WILL NOT BE MADE BY US.   If you are not sure, please contact us at the above links and we can confirm if the aisle runner that you see is the quality item that you will receive. 

Please keep this in mind and BUYER BEWARE.

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